Offering visual technologies to the mission-critical applications,Our solutions span the complete landscape, including public security, emergency control and command centers, smart city management centers, broadcast and conference hall, meeting room and TV studio, shopping mall and education.

Solutions Category

Dream Wall

Pixel Sizes 108”(P1.25)110”(P1.26)120”(1.39)138”(1.59)165”(1.59)

Dream Wall integrated LED Wall committed to create a comfortable meeting environment. Also designing for luxury entertainment rooms or home cinema for residential use.


Pixel Sizes iMira-A(1.499、1.875、2、2.5)  iMira-B(1.59)    iMira-C(1.499、1.875、2、2.5)


Application solutions for shopping mall: public utilities, exhibition halls, retail chain, brand owners, mainly for pharmacies, gas stations, 4S stores, supermarkets, entertainment theme parks, Commercial complex: commercial real estate, casinos, etc.

Medium-End Category

Economy Category


Pixel Sizes 43” Panel (0.9、1.2、1.5、1.8)  / 46” Panel (1.0、1.5)  /  55” Panel (1.1、1.2、1.5)  /   60” Panel (1.0、1.3、2.0)

Meet high-end indoor applications such as home cinema, conference room, control room, command center, studio, corporate, retail shop.

T Series

Pixel Sizes 46”(1.06)  /   55”(1.26)  /    60”(1.39)


T series was launched in ISLE 2023. It features low brightness, high gray scale, 7680Hz ultra high refresh rate, supporting 144Hz frame frequency, compatible with HDR 10+ and 170° + ultra wide viewing angle. DCI-P3 color gamut and 18 bit gray scale display with ultra slim cabinet. T series is a comprehensive evolution LED display product.