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Serving the KSA in vision 2030

ISSaudi is a leading technology Value-Added distributor committed to bringing the latest large displays technologies and solutions to the Saudi market in line with Saudi vision 2030.

We are a team of professionals with decades of combined experience.

Aim to Become the most Competitive solutions provider in the MiniLED and MicroLED Display industry. Mainly used in security, monitoring, command center, commercial, TV studio, military applications and other areas of public prosecution law, as well as radio and television and education applications.

Years of experience often come with a track record of successfully solving a wide range of problems. Our team’s collective problem-solving abilities can be invaluable. Our team likely possesses deep knowledge and expertise in our field, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

About Us

Standard Design

An independent display unit matching the standard unit ‘inch’. Each standard resolution is presented in different sizes and point spacing.


Sincerity , Passion , Openness , Inovation , Collaborative and Efficient Pursuit of Excellence, Unity of knowledge and practice.


Offer Innovative technologies, Products and services

Partner-centric philosophy

Utilizing our capabilities to continuously improve our Partner’s Experience.Innovative Technology & Products.Prompt & Efficient Delivery.


To be a high-tech products provider and continuously to the prosperity of our business partners.


Unity , Hard Working and Strive to Be the Best

Frequently Asked Questions

The lifespan of LED displays varies depending on the quality of the components and usage. Generally, high-quality LED displays can last for 100,000 hours or more, which is equivalent to over a decade of continuous use. LED displays offer several advantages, including high brightness, energy efficiency, long lifespan, wide viewing angles, and the ability to create vibrant and dynamic visuals. They are also known for their durability and resistance to environmental factors.

How are LED displays different from LCD displays?

LED displays and LCD displays are distinct technologies. LED displays use light-emitting diodes to produce light directly, whereas LCD displays use liquid crystals to modulate backlighting. LED displays tend to offer better brightness and color performance.

What are the different types of LED displays available?

There are various types of LED displays, including indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, LED video walls, LED scoreboards, LED billboards, and LED signs. The choice depends on the application and environmental conditions.

Can LED displays be customized in terms of size and shape?

Yes, LED displays are highly customizable. They can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes, including curved displays, round displays, and irregular shapes, to suit specific design requirements.