Control Room

  1. 1.The control room belongs to the field of professional display. In the security center, the government control room command center, or the university security room and so on, it is very important to ensure the safety of various environments.
  2. 2.High-performance LED displays with superior visibility, mission-critical design and redundant power supply provide reliable monitoring and campus properties.
  3. 3.To provide optimal tactical and logistical support, command and control centers need access to real-time visual analysis to improve clarity and understanding. And our products can do signal power double backup, to ensure the work of LED display.


360 Degree Air Control Tower


Project Name: 360 Degree Air Control Tower
Location: Jiangsu
Pixel Pitch: 1.6mm
Size: 80sqm

Petroleum Group Data Dispalys


Project Name:Petroleum Group Data Dispalys
Location: Shanxi
Pixel Pitch: 0.9mm(QCOB)
Size: 112sqm

Science Park



Project Name: Science Park
Location: Guangdong
Pixel Pitch: 0.9mm(QCOB)
Size: 79sqm

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